Personal training in auckland


Come train with me in person. Live or work near Epsom, Remuera, or Newmarket? I'm based out of Jetts Remuera (see map). 

I specialise in strength training, weightlifting, women's fitness, athletic performance, body fat loss, muscle gain, functional strength, and body positive and inclusive exercise. 

My goal as a trainer is to foster a love of movement in my clients' lives. That means, I always meet you where you are, and we go together from there.

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Compassionate Assessment

Many people come in with a goal of weight loss, but despite popular belief, the scale does tell lies. It's far from the best indicator of health. I work with my clients to determine what their real goals are and how to get there. 

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Functional Strength

There are so many different ways to exercise. My primary goal is to work with you to craft a programme you enjoy and will sustain. In programming, my priority is to include exercises that will improve your movement in everyday life.

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Body Positive Approach

I will never shame you or make judgements based on your size. I will meet you where you are, work with you to find out your real goals, and help make a programme you'll love that will enrich every day of your life.


With me, there are no surprises - except the fun kind. 

Small Group Training (2-3 people)

3 sessions + 1 assessment - $150pp
12 sessions + 2 assessments - $575pp
24 sessions + 3 assessments - $1,120pp


Personalised Programming

4 weeks - $250
One year - $2,900




One-on-one Personal Training

3 sessions + 1 assessment- $225
12 sessions + 2 assessments - $780
24 sessions + 3 assessments - $1,440


One-on-one Express Personal Training

12 sessions - $600
24 sessions - $1,200


Assessments (45 minutes)


*Payments can be made visa bank transfer, PayPal, or cash. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.