Frequently asked questions

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Who it E.T. Trains?

E.T. are the initials of Erin Thomas - the person behind E.T. Trains.


can I become a coach too?

E.T. Trains is a Sole Proprietorship, so I cannot take on any employees at this time. However, get certified and spread body positive wellness on your own. I would be happy to help however I can. 


Where is E.T. Trains located?

Although based out of Washington, D.C., I can work online with clients anywhere - as long as you have internet access. Follow my Instagram or contact me to stay connected. 


Do you have any sponsorships?

In order to preserve the integrity of the E.T. Trains brand, I do not do any paid advertising or sponsorships. All posts or recommendations are of my own accord. 


What is your refund policy?

Online clients can request a refund at any time and will be refunded a prorated rate from the date requested for the rest of the given month. Personal training sessions can also be refunded fully or at the prorated rate if some sessions have been used.


Can I connect with you?

Well, of course! Here's my personal website and my LinkedIn.