E.T. Trains at Two Years - What's Next?

Today marks the two year anniversary of E.T. Trains. What started as an Instagram account documenting disordered eating and exercise has morphed into a representation of body positivity among fitness professionals. And it only gets better from here. 

I wanted to write this post to thank everyone. To everyone who supported me and believed in me, I appreciate you all so much. Two years doesn't seem like that long, but with most of that time spent in my own recovery, I feel like E.T. Trains has become a part of my identity. I've learned so much, fought so hard, and met so many individuals who have made me who I am today. Although I could go on forever, I don't want this post to be full of cliches, so I'll get to the point. 

I started out on a dangerous path but spent the rest of this experience learning, training, and growing into a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness ambassador, and now a wellness coach. I've shared my experience in a TEDX talk and in numerous blog posts, and I've worked with a variety of clients to learn that every body is an individual and that wellness is a multi-faceted state of being. 

Today, I'm still moving up. Starting January 30th, I will be taking clients for my new online wellness coaching program. You can read more about that here. At the end of February, I'll be moving to New Zealand for the year to continue my studies. While there, I want to continue working with individuals to bring more body positive wellness into the world. 


I can't express my gratitude enough for everyone who has helped along the way, and everyone who has followed me and helped others develop a stronger and healthier sense of self. It's all for you, and it only gets better from here. 

Onward and upward, 


PSA: If you are concerned with your own potentially disordered eating and exercise habits, take this short screening which also provides resources. Trust me, I wish I had done this. 

Erin Thomas