When Dieting is the Norm, What Does "Normal Eating" Even Look Like?


With cleanses and 30-day weight loss plans being sold left and right, it's no wonder dieting has become the new normal. We are almost identified by which one we follow. I'm paleo. I'm low-carb. I'm IIFYM.

The truth is that we don't actually know how to lose weight. As much as MyFitnessPal will try to convince you that losing weight is as simple as burning more calories than you consume, this myth has been formally debunked since 2010. The Journal of the American Medical Association released a paper explaining the intricacies of the metabolism. Simply put, losing weight slows your metabolism. This begins to explain why in this UCLA study of dieters, 83 percent of the subjects regained all their lost weight and more after just two years.


For how much money goes into the diet industry, we know very little about how to actually lose weight. Additionally, diets have been shown to deteriorate the metabolic system over time. The process of losing and regaining weight at any point on the scale can be almost as harmful as being overweight in the first place. So if dieting doesn't work and it can harm our health, how do we eat "normally"?

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