Next Steps: Train With Love DC

In case you weren't aware, this is how I feel about body positivity..kirsen wig excitedKirsten Wig sums it up. Basically, so excited that my arms don't know what to do.

The fitness industry is so messed up. We confuse health with six packs and nourishment with starvation. We put deadlines on weightloss and frame our "healthy lifestyle" as a battle against ourselves. This mentality is backwards in so many ways. Unfortunately, group fitness often contributes to this. Poorly trained instructors will cue, "burn off that dessert" or "work for that beach bod." This is destructive to our relationship with food and our bodies. However, we can change that!

I recently got involved with a non-profit in DC called With Love DC. They started with pop-up yoga classes and free or low-cost events to connect people in the community and add some love to DC. Together with other leaders of the organization, we have added Train With Love as a body positive fitness movement. Starting in November, we will be hosting group fitness classes in DC for all. Suggested donation is $8-$10, but we want to make sure everyone can come regardless of their financial situation.

The series is a body positive movement. Our goal is to get fitness back to the way it should be: making your body feel good and strong. Simple as that. Our classes are opened to everyone and will create a strong community atmosphere where everyone can feel strong, comfortable, and confident in their bodies. The classes I will be leading will be equipment-free team circuits all grounded in positivity and fun.

I am so excited to be a real part of the solution in the fitness industry. Negative body image, disordered eating, and dieting permeates all areas of people's lives - men and women. This trend must stop. Companies exploit our body insecurities and misinform us about what health really is.

We kick it off in November, so stay tuned for more updates! If you are in the DC area, be sure to come join me! with love dc