I Don't Run Without It

In my life transition from leaving the door unlocked azip running shortnd running in the suburbs of Indiana to locking everything and running through the national capital, I have acquired many keys. Some runners have the luxury of those handy little zip pockets built-in to their shorts. I, however, do not, and I am not prepared to grip my handful of keys for a 10 mile run. It's just not going to happen. Lfanny2uckily, Amazon prime came to the rescue (as it always does). And since I'm always down for a fanny pack, I sprung on this sleek, running/hiking belt. It has changed my life.

The pocket opens up afanny1nd can fit an iPhone 6, headphones, a handful of keys, a couple cards, and afrin (so I don't die if my nose starts bleeding.. I will post about this later). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by my $8 purchase which has now changed the way I run. Nothing is in my hands. I don't have to worry about various possessions falling out of my shorts, and when I start to test my race nutrition options for the big Ironman 70.3, I will have a place to keep everything.

I'm obsessed. Who doesn't love a cool fannypack? Fashion and function.

Running Belt on AMAZON $8


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