Where I Go From Here

IMG_5347.2015-07-28_232456I am at a turning point. For years, I have been striving to maintain my healthy lifestyle mainly through religiously logging my food intake and training for organized sports (cross-country and lacrosse). Now, for the first time in a long time, I am make some independent decisions. I have no team, no leadership role, and no health issues to address. It's time for me to decide my path. However, if you know me, these decisions have been made after painstaking research and thought out proposals. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. Fitness

I was contemplating sharing this publicly, but it is an important part of my story. As you know, I committed to play Division I lacrosse for the next four years. Over the past month as I mapped out my schedule for freshman year and started thinking about my long-term goals, I realized that playing varsity lacrosse is not the right path for me. Don't get me wrong. I love lacrosse. Anyone who has ever played with me knows that, but the schedule and committment just isn't going to work for me at this point in my life. If time and energy were unlimited, absolutely. In a heartbeat. But until then, I will have to prioritize other things in my life. Have no fear though, I will be playing club.

The next big decision is what kind of exercise I want to do. If I don't have to run (cross-country) and I'm not conditioning for lacrosse, what should I do? I have done triathlons in the past which are very enjoyable to train for, and I love the goal setting involved with strength training. As of now, I am sticking with those. I have set my sights on an Ironman 70.3 (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run) for hopefully sometime either over winter break or summer - more to come on this. Unfortunately, it looks like I won't be able to race my half-marathon for this summer due to an injury. As of now, I'm not sure when I will be back to training. I will also be starting a more focused lifting routine at the gym at school. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I will get to try out a lot of different exercises and programs which will be a fun way to keep things interesting!


This decision I have struggled with a bit more. For the past, maybe, 4 years, I have logged my food religiously, almost obsessively. It never appeared to be unhealthy to me or others, and I know many people including clients who I have worked with who benefitted from this immensely. However, for myself, I am starting to learn about intuitive eating and self love for myself and potential clients. Too many of the trendy diets and social media campaigns focus on how we look which leads us to feel differently about ourselves and not treat our bodies with the respect they deserve. With the inspiration of rockstars like Summer Innanen and Maddy Moon, I am slowly working my way back to trusting and listening to my body rather than eating exactly what I had planned for the day to fit my macros. To be completely honest, the idea of doing this terrifies me. I am a food control freak, but it's going to be more sustainable and uhealthy in the long run.


The final big step that I will be taking might seem a little counterintuitive. I will be discontinuing my fitness coaching through Beachbody, LLC. Don't get me wrong. Beachbody is an amazing company that changes lives. However at this point in my personal growth, I want to focus on developing my own knowledge and forging my own path and philosophy in influencing the health and fitness industry. That being said, I am intensely focused on learning as much as I can and trying things out for myself with a concentration on mind-body happiness and sustainability.

In other exciting news, I was accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador which means I am now connected with an awesome community of other "influencers" in the fitness community! Most of them are bloggers with popular instagram pages, and I am honored to be a part of such an awesome group. Look out for more updates on this and some awesome giveaways and cool stuff coming up.

I am alsIMG_3637.2015-04-27_144219o continuing my work and studying for my certifications in group fitness and personal training. This clinical information will also be helpful in defining what is backed by science and what is just trending crap. I will be starting as a group fitness instructor at school in the fall!

So that's where I'm at right now and where I'm headed! It's all very exciting, and I will surely keep you updated along the way. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you ever need help with your own journey. I'm now a free agent, so hit me up.

ReflectingErin Thomas