Top 5 Healthy Dessert Blogs

For many of us, the pressure in on after dinner when we debate whether to properly finish the day with some fresh fruit or blow all of our hard work by devouring a quart of vanilla ice cream. Going overboard on dessert is all too common, especially when there are so many great alternatives. Personally, I like to cook or bake a healthy dessert so I have one every day, but in reality, I never have time, so I just eat a quest bar after dinner as my dessert every day. For those of you with the inspiration and time to prepare some healthy sweet treats, I have compiled a list of my favorite healthy dessert blogs.  

Chocolate-covered KatieChocolate Covered Katie

This blog is my go-to. With hundreds of recipes ranging from deep dish chocolate chip cookies  to cookie dough dip, you will never run out of ideas and inspiration. Plus, Katie includes all of the nutritional info and recipe variations for you to tailor it to your diet.


HealthyIndulgencesHealthy Indulgences

This blog is a sugar-free dessert blog that uses honey, stevia, and erithyrol as alternatives. One of the greatest features of this blog is how can narrow it down. In the recipe drop-down menu, you can select what you a craving, how fast you need to prepare it, or what kind of diet you have (low-carb, paleo, primal, etc.). It is very helpful when you are short on time and need to make that tough decision quickly! Try her secret ingredient chocolate cake!


DashingDishDashing Dish

I love Dashing Dish especially for the shake recipes. If you are craving almond joys  or chocolate cake batter, then Katie has the recipes for you. She prescribes the perfect combination of extracts and flavors to recreate your favorite desserts in protein shake form. Note: some of the recipes are by paid membership only, but there are still a lot available for free.


DessertsWithBenefitsDesserts with Benefits

Here you can also filter by diet type (vegan, high-protein, low-carb, etc.) to search the plethora of recipes from Jessica, a nutritional sciences major. Not all of them are as intensely low calorie as those from Chocolate-Covered Katie, but they are all delicious and nutritious. Make sure to try the “slutty” brownies  and the chocolate caramel krispy treats.


ThatCakeChickThat Cake Chick

No one makes cake healthy like Maria, That Cake Chick. With her passion for food and baking that she shares with grace, there is something for everyone. There aren’t as many recipes here, but the ones that are are incredibly well-thought-out and practiced so you can create a perfect dessert every time. Try the popular dark chocolate banana brownie.


Have other favorites? Comment below!