Achieve Your Goals in April

We are three full months out from our New Year's Resolutions, and chances are that we have fallen behind. The truth is that every season, month, week, or day provides us with new opportunities to reenergize our goals and focus on what we want to achieve. There is no reason to wait for a new year! April 1st is here, so let's do it! Last month, we didn't "break the chain," but this month I want to talk about vision. I will try not to get too cliche about it, but visualizing the desired outcome of your goals and affirming it with reminders is a huge step in the right direction. One method that I use is creating a vision board. Depending on the goals, I use images or writing - use your own creativity.

IMG_0442For my personal fitness goals, I list them underneath my mirror and decorate around my mirror with positive quotes and affirmations specific to my goals. For example, I have "Rome wasn't built in a day, but they worked every day" posted for last month because I needed a reminder to commit to my daily morning exercises. The color coding happened just because those were the only post-its I had.

2015 Dream BoardAnother format is doing it as an image collage. For my coaching goals for 2015, I made a list of things that are motivating me to be successful and I found a way to put them in a visual form. It is not very detailed and probably doesn't make any sense to someone who isn't familiar with coaching or my personal aspirations, but it works for me, and yours should similarly work for you!

They key is to think about what motivates you. What inspirational quotes drive you to work harder? What images push you to achieve more? What visions will motivate you? Use your own creativity to create an individual vision board for yourself this month. Post it in a place where is can be a constant reminder of what you want to do this month! You don't need a New Year, you just need a new start.