Burpees: The Exercise We Love to Hate

For most people, just thinking about burpees makes them want to burp-ee if you know what I mean. For crazy exercise enthusiasts, they are the best total body conditioning, portable exercise out there. And for all of us, it's the exercise we love to hate. burpeesBURPEE: basically you start standing, jump up with your arms in the air, squat down putting your hand on the ground, shoot your legs back into a plank position, return to a squat, and then jump back up to starting position. Variations include adding pull-ups, push-ups, squats, dumbbell arm curls, etc.

The classic burpee incorporates strength training, cardio conditioning, and plyometrics to tone your whole body (especially core) and increase cardio capacity. Another perk is that they are totally portable. Burpees make a great workout to spice up trail runs or outdoor activities, hotel room workouts, or track intervals. Even if you can't to very many of them, you can try starting out with a few at a time with rests in between. Once you build your way up, you can attempt to conquer the 100 burpee challenge. This is one of my favorites. My PR (personal record) is 7:05 to finish 100 burpees! Give it a shot and let me know how you do!