Basic Strength Standards: How do you compare?

When starting any workout program with free weights, the grunting, leather belts, and chains can be quite daunting. Regardless of where you are in your strength training, it will probably be beneficial to see the tables I am about to share. These were compiled in 2006 by the Aasgaard Company and are used by most Crossfit gyms. Use your rounded body weight to compare yourself to the standards to see how you line up. You might surprise yourself! Just to preface, "untrained" is defined as someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle and does not participate in any physical activity outside of daily activities. "Novice" is a person who has been training for 3-9 months. An "intermediate" level person has been training regularly for up to two years. "Advanced" denotes a very experienced athlete with goals of possibly competing, and "elite" is the competitive weight-lifting level.


Just is case you don't know what any of these exercises are, I have included these lovely diagrams from the Art of Manliness, which can also be noted as the "art of womanlinesss."






women presspress men











Bench Press

Bench-presswomen bench





men bench











Squat squat

men squat




women squat


















women deadlift




men deadlift











Power Clean







Women Power clean




men power clean









I will give my spiel on weightlighting in another post, but for now I will simply highly recommend it. Yes, it can be scary. Yes, people at the gym will probably make fun of you when you first start out. And yes, you will probably embarrass yourself by lifting 10 lb. dumbells to start. However, lifting is a fantastic way to really see your progress. If you are doing it correctly and keeping track of your workouts, you will really be able to see how much stronger you become! Health benefits of lifting are too numerous for this post. As Nike would say, just do it.