Achieve Your Goals and Don't Break the Chain

You could call me a self-motivator, but a better description would be goal-obsessive. I am also a sucker for anything and everything related to personal development. Lifehack is practically my homepage. I have explored everything from personal mission statements to the S.M.A.R.T. goals, and have developed a very complicated system of cycles and goal-setting in my own life. A description of that hot mess is for another day. However, one simple way that I pick up on habits that seem menial but are important to these larger goals is through "Don't Break the Chains." One of my good friends started using this tactic to get herself to floss her teeth everyday. The term comes from Jerry Seinfeld and apparently is his secret to productivity and success (maybe not so secret anymore). Anyway, the jist is that you have a calendar for a task or activity that you want to do daily. Every day that you accomplish that task, you mark an "X" on that day to build a chain. After a good number of days, you really won't want to "break the chain" which is often just enough motivation for you to continue a habit like flossing or drinking enough water or eating your vegetables. Whatever your objective is, aiming you at your larger goals, having a chain recorded can really help you get there.

My current chain for March is doing a 1 minute plank and 10 push-ups every morning. Seems simple, but I know that if I didn't have that calendar hanging next to my mirror, I wouldn't do it. To help you all out, I created a blank calendar for March for you to fill in your own goals! What is going to help you reach your larger goals?

March 2015 Don't Break the Chain