Workout Idea: Progressive Conditioning

One of my favorite conditioning sets is known as the "12 Days of Christmas." The boys lacrosse team does it every year before winter break, and it's known by many to be ridiculously awful demanding both speed and stamina. It's fun to do with a group or individually. Required materials:

  • Track
  • Water

The workout:

1 x run a lap

2 x tuck jumps

3 x frog jumps

4 x burpees

5 x push-ups

6 x squat jumps

7 x v-ups

8 x split jumps

9 x plank jacks

10 x lunges

11 x squats

12 x jumping jacks

It is progressive, so you start with running a lap and then move on to the two tuck jumps. Then, you run a lap again. So by the 5th round, you will do 5 push-ups, 4 burpees, 3 frog jumps, 2 tuck jumps, and finish with another lap. It is a continue workout, so only take breaks when you really need it. It takes me 20-25 minutes to finish, but it will depend on the size of the track you are using.

Variations: This is a just a sample workout that I personally like. You can change any of the activities if you want especially if you don't have a track available. Some other ideas include mountain climbers, jump rope, goblet squats, etc. Get creative!

Benefits: This workout is great conditioning because it keeps your heartrate up the whole time and really pushes your endurance levels.

FitnessErin Thomas