The Beginning of the Middle

My journey begins here. Well, not exactly. My publicly recorded health and fitness journey begins here. I have been interested in health and fitness for a really long time. There have been lulls, high points, failures, and many small checkpoints along the way, but that's why they call it a journey not a trip! I will give a little background before I get started. Before anything else, I'm an athlete. I have been recruited for lacrosse by a DI school, which I will not name yet because I am only 93.7% sure I will be going there next year. More to come on this later. I am/was also a cross-country runner and the team captain this season. In the summertime, I race in triathlons and run half-marathons in addition to playing lacrosse whenever I can. When I say I am an athlete, I will make the distinction that I'm a committed athlete. Not all "athletes" commit themselves to their physical fitness, and personally, I love working out and challenging myself to achieve more. I also love almost any physical activity including outsdoorsy stuff.

For my nutritional background, I am what many would call a health nut. I log my food intake religiously, take my vitamins and supplements, and typically have the willpower to resist that last piece of cake. I am also a vegetarian for all reasons ranging from health to environmental concerns. That being said, I supplement my intake with protein supplements through bars and powders and try to eat "clean" for all meals.

With introductions out of the way, here is where I am at right now. With 6 weeks until our home opener, I am in the best shape of my life as far as overall conditioning goes. I can consistently hit a 6:39 mile time with strong sprints, strength, and power. My stick skills are prime, and I am ready for the season. However, my goal is be awards All-American this year, which means there is still a lot of room for improvement. I will be starting the Insanity: The Asylum program on Monday and starting with Shakeology as a new fitness coach with Beachbody. Considering these workouts will be in addition to my evening practices with the team, I am a little nervous about how I will hold up, but you never know how far you can go until you push yourself there!

My JourneyErin Thomas