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Personal training in Auckland, Online Training, and weightlifting coaching


What could you achieve with a personal trainer?

Those goals that you've had on the back burner can now be reality. Working with a personal trainer increases accountability, ensures proper form and safety, and makes sure you're using your workout time efficiently to achieve your goals. I specialise in strength training, weightlifting, women's fitness, athletic performance, body fat loss, muscle gain, functional strength, and body positive and inclusive exercise. 

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Many people come in with a goal of weight loss, but despite popular belief, the scale does tell lies. It's far from the best indicator of health. I work with my clients to determine what their real goals are and how to get there. 

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Functional strength

There are so many different ways to exercise. My primary goal is to work with you to craft a programme you enjoy and will sustain. In programming, my priority is to include exercises that will improve your movement in everyday life.

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Body Positive approach

I will never shame you or make judgements based on your size. I will meet you where you are, work with you to find out your real goals, and help make a programme you'll love that will enrich every day of your life.



Train with me in AUckland or Anywhere in the world


The fitness industry can be hard to navigate.

It doesn't have to be. 


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